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Annuity / Renewal


We provide legal services in relation to trademarks the following:

  • Monitoring and updating data on validity, registrant, annuity or renewal due date to send reminders and pay the annuity or renewal fee on timely basis;
  • Providing legal advices on formalities of patent annuity and design or trademark renewal;
  • Providing data verification service;
  • Handling the restoration of invalidated cases due to non-payment of annuity or renewal;

Notes for paten maintenance and design/ trademark renewal

During the term of patent validity, the maintenance should be taken by annuity payment, commencing from the granting date. The annuity is calculated by the number of independent claim(s).

The renewal of industrial designs is allowable twice for every 5 consecutive years, counting from the expiry date of Patent for industrial design. The renewal fee is calculated by the number of embodiment(s).

The renewal of trademark is allowable for indefinitely consecutive terms of 10 years, counting from the expiry date of Certificate of trademark registration. The renewal fee is calculated by the number of class(es) of goods and/or services.
The request for patent annuity or design/trademark renewal can be filed within 6 months prior to the due date. There is a grace-period of 6 months acceptable for late annuity payment and design/trademark renewal. In this circumstance, a late fine by 10% of official annuity or renewal fee is applied for each month late.

Procedure for patent maintenance and design/trademark renewal
Please contact us for guidance in detail.