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Advisory Services and Financial Brokerage

Free consultation.

Credit consultants of our company will give customers full information relating to products and lending procedures at bank such as:

  • Services for demonstrate financial on nationwide;
  • Consultancy complete the application for bank loans;
  • Guiding, complete the dossier for bank loans for business and individual (in hard case) to bank loans;
  • Support for maturity bank, mortgaged, matured debt, balance transfer for all bank;
  • We will give out the answer for result immediately after the assessment on dossier and property. We perform this services quickly with reasonable cost.
  • In particular, we also have free capital for private loans with interest rates very competitive.
  • We have high bonus for intermediary person. And we also need to cooperate with partners that have source of customers who need to loan (credit staff, business property staff, staff that receive loan application,...).

Choose the best rate.

Our company will advise for customers to choose banks that have not only the best rates for loan but also the most suitable conditions for loan.

We will establish Dossier for Loan closely.

Our company will help you to make application to ensure strictly compliance with the provisions of bank and increase success.

Save time for loan.

Coming to our company, you will not only save your time but also get professional advice and have opportunity to loan with reasonable interest rates if you have demand for loans from banks or credit organizations.