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Company merging and purchasing

  • Consult policies involved in company merging and purchasing, including foreign-investment companies or selling shares to foreign investors
  • Consult legal transactions and conditions; evaluate the possibility of transaction approval
  • Consult appropriate solutions to make transactions well done
  • Provide legal recommends needed in company merging and purchasing to prevent potential risks


  • Consult documents and procedures involved in company merging and purchasing transactions
  • Consult and draw up documents related to company merging and purchasing transactions, such as Merging contract, Purchasing contract, relevant documents of each parties
  • Inpect and legally consult all the documents prepared by the clients, provide legal suggestions and recomends if any


  • Represent clients in negotiating on company merging and purchasing documents with other partners
  • Directly represent the clients before Vietnam authoried offices on the negotiation content, the registration and standardization of transaction rights


  • Represent the clients to submit the requirement for issuance of ownership, merging and purchasing rights with Vietnam authorized offices
  • Represent the clients before Vietnam authorized offices on legal transactions in accordance with Vietnam law