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Getting the products’ standard and auto import licenses

To satisfy this requirement, our company has many years of experience in the field of providing services of promulgating the standards of food, functional food, wine and other drinks for the professional manufacturer, importer and distributor. We would like to help the customers with the following works:
  1. Give the advisory on the procedures relating to promulgate the standard of food products/ Auto import licenses and Auto import licenses;
  2. Represent the customers to draft documents, filing of disclosure standards of food products in state agencies have jurisdiction;
  3. Consulting to the customers about the direction to overcome the problems arising in the procedure of get the licenses at the State Agencies;
  4. Consulting and implementing of the Application for getting the Auto import licenses of semi-finished products / raw materials to produce food, functional food;
  5. Get license of clearance of goods at the customs office pending completion of procedures for promulgating the product’s standards and auto import Licenses;
  6. Quick promotion dossier examination process;
  7. Represent customers to draft documents, filing of application for certificate of satisfaction of hygiene, food safety at state agencies have jurisdiction;
  8. Represent customers to draft documents, filing of application for extension of the certificate of product standards at state agencies have jurisdiction and the Licenses of auto import.


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