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Law consultancy

  • To the investors: We carry out legal inspections and consultancies on Vietnam business and investment transaction, including establishing of a company, representative or agency; renting real estate, labor force; organizational structure, taxation, business contract, joint venture contract, construction and tender procedures, etc.
  • Drawing up and amending the materials or agreements that are involved in business investment transaction, including those related to the enterprise’s internal issues, organizational structure, charters, etc.
  • Giving recommendations for the clients’ interests, benefits and safety in business transaction and investment.
  • To the individuals: We carry out consultancies and supplies in legal services, suitable solutions for civil transactions.


  • Inspect and propose legal solutions for scheduled investment transaction with a safe, profitable and high feasible method.
  • Check and propose legal suggestions to reorganize or adjust the clients’ business transactions and investments.
  • Assist clients in checking legality, drawing up documents, suggesting solutions suitable with laws and ensure the client’s benefits in carrying out civil transactions.


  • Represent and support clients in negotiating documents, agreements related to their business with others partners.
  • Represent and assist clients in negotiating and bargaining documentations related to their business with Vietnam appropriate authorities.
  • Arrange documentations, reinforce proofs, suggest solutions for consiliations, negotiations in civil transactions.