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Copyrights and related rights

Along with legal services related to industrial property, we also represent clients for registration of Copyrights and Related Rights.

As a state party adhered to the Bern Convention and Rome Convention, Vietnam has adopted its IP legal system in conformity with these conventions. Although applying for registration is not compulsory procedure for claiming copyrights/related rights, it is practical and advisable to take this action as once copyrights/related rights is officially registered to a person, he shall not be obliged to prove his legal rights in a dispute.

Filing procedures for registration of copyrights/related rights
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Layout- design of semiconductor integrated circuit

Layout-design of a semiconductor integrated circuit is a three-dimensional disposition of circuitry elements and interconnections of such elements in a semiconductor integrated circuit, which is in the form of an end-product or semi-manufactured product. A layout-design is eligible for protection in Vietnam if it is original and commercially novel.

The layout-design registration application should be filed within 2 years from the date such layout-design was commercially exploited for the first time anywhere in the world by the person who has the right to registration.
Filing and prosecution procedures for registration of Layout-design of a semiconductor integrated circuit
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Geographical Indications
A geographical indication is a sign used to indicate a product originating from a specific area, locality, region or country of which geographical conditions essentially attribute to reputation, quality or characteristics of the product.

Filing and prosecution procedures for registration of Geographical indications
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Plant variety

As an object of intellectual property rights, plant variety protectable in Vietnam shall be a variety which is bred or discovered and developed, belonging to the List of species able to be protected by State issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, that variety is new, distinct, uniform, stable and has a proper denomination.

Filing and prosecution procedures for grant patent for plant variety
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